The Problem

Let me set a hypothetical scene for you. Imagine a new trendy fitness class that everyone is joining to take at the local gym. You’ve heard of Hot Yoga, but this is a new kind of class called Dark Yoga. You set up your mat in the class for the first time, and the lights go out. You hear the soft voice of the instructor come through the microphone. “Welcome into dark yoga class. alright everyone, lets begin by taking a deep breath in, hold, and breathe out as you slide down into pigeon position. Wonderful, feel that stretch as you lean to the side like this, and slowly pull up into Camel…” Um, What? Doesn’t sound like a class that will have a lot of participants right? I mean, how in the world are you going to follow the class with this kind of setting? What in the world is a pigeon position? Of course this would not be a functional class, and yet there is a demographic of people in our world that deal with this every single time they want to learn or do fitness. In fact, over 3.4 million people in the United States alone, might find themselves trying to function in “dark yoga”classes…I’m talking of course about people who are visually impaired.

The Solution

Currently I am in the development stage for an IOS App designed specifically for visually impaired users. This App will be an extensive library of audio based, highly detailed descriptions of exercises, workouts, equipment, techniques, and any and all aspects of fitness, quickly and easily accessible through the phone app. How do you do a Lizard pose in yoga? Go to the app’s classroom section, into the yoga category and quickly scroll down for a 2 minute audio recording of exactly how to position yourself to perform this pose. How do you run on a treadmill and stay steady when you cannot see?Check out the how to section for fitness center equipment for details. Want a well described ab workout? Go to the Fitness studio section of the app for a large and growing collection of home and fitness center workouts for your abs, legs, arms, and everything else.

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