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Tyler Merren (pictured above) is a 3 Time Paralympic Athlete, bronze and silver medalist.  4 World Championships, total of 101 tournaments and 67 medals in the past 20 years

How did this idea get started?

The idea for this program came from a collection of a few different events and situations in Tyler’s life that led him to see this gap, and have a desire to fill it. He dealt, and still deals with, the challenges of learning new exercises regularly as a Personal Trainer and Athlete. He has witnessed able bodied teenage boys that have no clue how to perform a push-up because they are blind and no one has ever taken the time to teach them. He has also had experiences with single mothers who are blind and become frustrated with their gym membership because they only use the treadmill, and unlike their sighted peers, they can’t watch YouTube videos for other ideas. Tyler has had many conversations with his wife, who is also blind, several friends, and organizations about the stories of people who are visually impaired constantly struggling so much. He finally decided that someone had to do something about it, and he believed strongly that he was well suited to make a difference.

Who is Tyler Merran?

Tyler is blind Personal Trainer and Paralympic Athlete.  Tyler has spent years educating and learning about fitness and exercise, and struggling through trying to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  The accessibility challenges that people who are visually impaired face in the fitness world can be daunting,frustrating, and down right impossible to overcome sometimes.  His goal is to make this a thing of the past through my new program, ReVision Training Fitness.

Who is Cloud5?

Cloud5 is a digital development agency that can make any wild idea come to life. We have produced countless websites, E0commerce stores, and now Cloud5 is proud to announce the collaboration with ReVision Training to create a game changing fitness app. To get more information visit cloud5innovation.com 

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