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Cloud5 and Revision Training present...

Let's Change The Way We Look At It 

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About The App

Revision Fitness is an audio fitness app
 Combining the 20 years of knowledge from the renowned
blind master personal trainer and athlete Tyler Merren, and
the innovative and creative team of developers, agents, and
marketers at Cloud5. Revision fitness is a creative way to
offer audio work out training to the visually impaired. Offering features that involve community, self progression, and accountability.

How It Works

The app will have three main sections.

This section will be used to learn. In this section, you will have the choice to learn anything from proper alignment of the spine and shoulders, all the way to fitness center equipment, balance exercises, Olympic Lifts, and everything in between. There's no activity a person who is blind cannot do, and we will give you the resource that can teach you anything from beginner to expert. 


Within the Classroom section, is the opportunity for assistance on how to properly use gym equipment, and the names of the equipment so that the next time you hit the gym, you never have to ask the person next to you how to use the equipment. There will be a library of tools to teach you, and give you the great feeling of independence. 


This section will combine everything you learned
in the class room in a fast paced follow along audio work out
session. There will be simple sessions for beginners,
intermediate sessions to pick up the pace and work up a
sweat, and advanced sessions for those who have mastered
the class room section and want to really take it up a notch.


This section will take your information such
as height and weight, and give you feedback on your recommended calorie intake, Body Mass Index, and other helpful metrics.

What it Looks Like



The app is already in the development stage, but that doesn't mean you can't help! I believe in this app deeply, if you feel the same please help and donate so we can continue to make this app the best it can be.

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Facebook Group

When we proposed this idea to our audience, these were some of the resonses: 

“I would absolutely download your app.  I so appreciate this group and
everything that you have posted in it.”

“Something like this would be a dream come true for me.”

“I would love to recommend this to my older students and their families!”

To join the Facebook group, get more information, or see my weekly posts, click below to join!


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